2009 Xiamen International Marathon

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Since:     2004
Organizer:    Xiamen Municipal Government and Chinese Athletic Association
Course Record: 2:06:44 (2004, Josephat Kiprono, Kenya)
Official Website: www.xmim.org

Races: Full Marathon, Half Marathon, 10 km , 5 km
Date:   03 January 2009
Time: 8:00 am (All distances)
Quota: 7000 x Full Marathon, 7000 x Half Marathon, 9000 x 10 km and 9000 x 5 km
Application: By mail or internet.
Deadline for Application: Closed.

03 January 2009 Results

Women Marathon Men Marathon
1. ? Chen (China, 2:29:52) 1. Samuel Muturi Mugo (Kenya, 2:08:51)
2. Zhang Yingying (China, 2:32:57) 2. Getachew Terfa Negari (Ethiopia, 2:09:01)
3. Wang Jiali (China, 2:33:58) 3. Rachid Kisri (Morocco, 2:10:33)
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www.xmim.org (links to photos and videos will be provided shortly after the race)
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